Reflection on the confinement from my house in Vallecas

Sr. Mª Jesús Fdez. Llamera
Community of Vallecas (Madrid)
Dominicas de la Enseñanza de la I.C.

During this pandemic I realised that I was distracted by many things that I thought were essential; but a tiny virus called « Coronavirus » brought me back to the reality of who I am and gave me the opportunity to stop, to stop quickly.

So began a wonderful time, a time to turn more inward, to the truth of who I am and what I was doing.

Also, to look more closely at those around me: the sisters, my family, the neighbourhood. 

To look at humanity, especially at suffering humanity, which is multiple: those who have left us, those who have lost loved ones, migrants without resources, the unemployed, the homeless, the …

Look with hope, with complicity, with compromise, with involvement.

To look with compassion at a society that thought it was in charge of the world, science, technology, and which realised that an invisible virus had made it aware of its fragility, its vulnerability, its truth, and was able to prove that planet Earth rejoices in our absence.

Hopefully, we will learn from what we are going through, and we will not go back to neoliberalism and fierce consumerism.

Hopefully, we will help find a solution to the pandemic with more solidarity and less arrogance.

With a little luck, we will be able to thank all the citizens who were on the front lines every day without rest, risking their lives every minute for the good of others.

With a little luck, our creativity will give birth to a new form of life in the world, much more human and egalitarian.

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