Secretariat of Dominican Sisters of Spain and Portugal (SEDEP)

Sr. Pilar del Barrio, DSIC’s Continental Coordinator for Europe together with the members of SEDEP during their meeting.
On the left: Sr. Natalia Abata Minda, Secretary of SEDEP, Sr. Cristina Antolin, President of SEDEP and Sr. Marivi Sanchez, Bursar of SEDEP

At their meeting this past November, the Secretariat of Dominican Sisters of Spain and Portugal (SEDEP) met to elect its new team: Sr. Cristina Antolín, O.P. (Congregacion de Santo Domingo) as President;  Sr. Natalia Abata Minda (Hermanas Dominicas del Santísimo Sacramento) as Secretary;  and Sr. Maria Victoria Sanchez (Anunciata) was re-elected as Treasurer. The outgoing coordinating team was also thanked.

The new coordinating team met on February 26 to plan the activities for the year and to analyse the objectives of SEDEP and the challenges they face as an organization. The Team also continued reflecting on “how to continue to walk together.” This theme was addressed by all the General and Provincial Councils at their February meeting.



  • To make the meetings and gatherings of SEDEP more dynamic, so as to increase interest in them on the part of all the member Congregations.
  • To strengthen the meetings of the General and Provincial Councils in order to continue to strengthen our common efforts.
  • Visit the Congregations that do not regularly attend SEDEP meetings to encourage them to participate
  • Increase communication between SEDEP member congregations. (Create a WhatsApp group for this purpose, and a database: addresses, telephone numbers)
  • To improve our communication with the larger Dominican Family so that we can be present in their programmed activities


  • March 2020 gather all SEDEP documents and keep them in a suitable place.
  • April 22, 2020 in the afternoon: Team meeting to design the May assembly and meeting of General and Provincial Councils.
  • May 6, 2020: SEDEP assembly.
  • May 23, 2020, meeting of all the General and Provincial Councils for reflection on the theme: “Ways of meeting and collaboration“.
  • November 2020, SEDEP Assembly in the morning, to be followed by the meeting of the Dominican Family Council.

Madrid, 25 February 2020                                                     

SEDEP Permanent Team

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