Current DSIC Coordinating Council (2022-2025). From left to right: Sr Izide Vecchi (Latin America and the Caribbean), Sr Pat Siemen (North America), Sr Pilar del Barrio (Europe), Sr Margaret Mayce (International Coordinator), Sr Maria Luz Mission (Asia – Pacific), Sr Durstyne Farnan (DSIC Representative at the UN – New York)

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the triennial gathering at which DSIC’s goals are given targeted orientation for a three-year period. 

Continental Groupings

DSIC is organised into five continental groupings called: Africa, Asia – Pacific, Europe, Latin America & Caribbean and North America. These groupings are comprised of General Prioresses, Provincials, and leaders of delegations of congregations.  Each grouping is led by a Continental Coordinator elected from among eligible sisters of the continent.

International Coordinator

The International Coordinator is elected from among eligible sisters of member congregations by the General Assembly for a six-year term to work with the Coordinating Council to implement the priorities set out by the General Assembly.  She is the legal representative of the Organization and manages its day to day affairs while coordinating and facilitating collaboration and solidarity among the sisters for the sake of the mission.

Coordinating Council

Members of Coordinating Council are the International Coordinator and DSIC’s five Continental Coordinators.  The Council works closely with the International Coordinator in coordinating the obligations and activities of the organization while planning and implementing the orientations of the General Assembly