Dominican Sisters International (DSI) and Dominican Sisters Confederation (DSIC) Open their Ninth and First General Assembly

With a flourish of national flags from countries around the world, Dominican Sisters International (DSI) and Dominican Sisters International Confederation (DSIC) opened the General Assembly, held 12-17 May 2019 here in Rome.

There are 147 Dominican congregations in 109 countries around the world. About 90 prioresses or their delegates attended. “Quilting Threads of Collaboration: Spaces of Encounter, Renewal and Hope,” is the Assembly theme.

Every three years, DSI /DSIC prioresses gather to reflect on a common mission to promote, support and unite the preaching efforts of Dominican sisters of Apostolic Life. Happy reunions and new friendships were abundantly evident in the opening hours of the meeting where members renew their relationships with one another and share experiences and hopes.

The Assembly is being held at Casa Generalizia La Salle and will feature a number of reports including from Sr. Marie Therese Clement, OP, International Coordinator, and members of the International Coordinating Council who represent Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America. In the coming days, other voices will be heard as well: Sr. Cecilia Espellina, OP, DSI/DSIC Promoter of Justice and Peace, Sr. Margaret Mayce, OP, NGO Representative to the United Nations, and other voices from specific areas of concern: Iraq, Venezuela, Democratic Republic of Congo, and more. Sr. Teresa Maya, CCVI, Past-President of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in the United States, will be a featured speaker. Master of the Order, fr. Bruno Cadore will also address the Assembly.

The opening day ended with a ritual procession of national flags, readings and a community building task of finding matching puzzle pieces on key chain tokens in the shape of the Assembly logo.

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