Sharing an Experience

Sr. Macu S.
SEDEP (Secretariat of Dominican Sisters of Spain and Portugal)

It is a whole process which, from the outset, does not allow us to see the true dimension of what is happening.

It was only when the state of alert and confinement arrived that I realised that we were going to experience Lent as I had never experienced it in my entire life. I accepted this situation and I tried to live by trying to find out what GOD wanted to tell us because, without a doubt, He was talking to us.

During all those days, I had reflected a lot on a personal level, on a community level and on all the other aspects of my life.

On a personal level, how much time and energy is spent on things that are unimportant and that do not help me reach the personal fulfilment I aspire to. Things that I would find hard to do without and that are not necessary. It became evident to me that I should only keep the essentials in my life as a religious.

At a community level, we have remained very united, each in our own way, we have respected and supported each other. As a community we shared what we were going through, and I believe that this helped our union.

I felt as if I had never been part of humanity. I felt a great pain in my soul when I learned of the great tragedies that many people go through for various reasons.

To feel the helplessness of not being able to accompany and comfort them was difficult for me to bear. 

But at the same time, I have a lot of hope that when things get better and we are at peace, we will be different, better, understanding, and united. I have full confidence that this will happen.

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