A Special Time When God Speaks!

Community “Sagrado Corazón”
Vistabella, Tenerife – Spain

These months of confinement have been “a special time” for the community during which God has taken the opportunity to speak to us. We are a community of 20 sisters dedicated to working in an infirmary. 

These were days during which we experienced something new in our lives:

  • Our life together was favoured in those days when stress was not a protagonist. Although confined, we experienced God’s blessing to the point of feeling over-protected. We thank Him that we have not been affected by the virus.
  • We live the pain, the suffering of so many people and families and we can do nothing but accompany them in prayer. The teachers and students show us their concern, very interested in knowing how we are doing. We live very united with the people who suffer the loss of loved ones, sisters of our congregation or of other congregations.
  • The applause, every evening at 7 p.m., has been a good experience for us with the neighbours that normally we do not know, but with whom day after day we become familiar; and this applause unites us under the same objective: to thank the many anonymous people for what they have done for the good and the improvement of the health of the sick and for everyone in general.

For all this, we thank God for having taken us out of our comfort.

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