Union of Dominican Sisters Malta Italy (USMID)

“The Union of Dominican Sisters Malta Italy (USMID) is the body that brings together all the Sisters of the Religious Institutes of Dominican Women of Pontifical and Diocesan Right, residing in Italy and Malta”.


  • To foster communion and collaboration among
    Dominican women’s congregations through initiatives and services.
  • To promote the deepening of apostolic religious life
    according to the teachings of the Church and the directives of the Order.
  • To nourish and give witness to our communion as
  • To seek common criteria for formation in order to
    live fully Dominican consecration and mission.
  • To examine together the problems of the apostolate
    in order to encourage specific responses.

USMID works through two collegial bodies:

  • The General Assembly made up of the Major Superiors
    who are members of the Union.
  • The Presidency Council, composed of 5 members,
    elected by the Assembly from among the members of the Union. 

A conference on a current theme in keeping with the Dominican charism is organized every year. It is an opportunity for reflection and sharing and is open to all the Sisters of the Member Congregations of the Union. These conferences have always been enriching experiences of Dominican communion, sharing and spiritual richness.

USMID’s Statutes further specify that:

  • “USMID intends to promote the exchange of ideas
    and mutual collaboration with the Fathers, the Nuns and the Laity”
  • “It belongs to and collaborates with the
    international organizations DSE and DSI” (Art.19).
  • “With regard to a common programme, USMID
    collaborates with the CPDIM (Dominican Provincial Committee of Italy and
    Malta)”. (Art. 20).

To give some concrete examples, Sisters from different Congregations in the Union participate together in annual spiritual exercises. There are also formation meetings on important current topics open to Sisters from other Congregations. We exchange concrete experiences of our apostolates and where and when it is possible, we participate in common apostolic initiatives.

Since our Congregations are almost all international, we exchange our experiences and prayer intentions, with a concrete look at the current situation of the Church and the world.

USMID Conference

Creation: a project of God’s love for humanity

On December 27-29, 2019, the annual conference of USMID on the theme: “Creation: a project of God’s love for humanity” was held at the convent of St. Sixtus.

The meeting was attended by numerous enthusiastic representatives of almost all the Congregations present in Italy. We were welcomed by the solicitous and caring hospitality of the Dominican Missionary Sisters of St. Sixtus who made us feel at home.

The days saw alternating moments of prayer, relationships, sharing, conviviality and even a guided visit to the basilica and the excavations of St. Clement.

Sister Jacintha Veigas, of the Missionaries of the School, introduced the works with a Lectio Divina on the theme: “Creation: a project of God’s love for humanity”, while Prof. Gino De Vecchis, with his report: “Taking care of the future. Citizenship and sustainability”, immersed us in the water cycle, making us aware that we are part of a single ecosystem with other creatures, for which we are responsible for our own survival.

The Master General, Friar Gerard Timoner, reminded us that environmental and human degradation proceed together. He also said that the best vocational promotion is that of the Sisters present; that is, the mutual care of the vocation of each one of us since our credibility depends on our communion. The Master spoke from the depths of his experience of religious life with very concrete examples conditioned also by humor, which helps everyone to grasp the contradictions that prevent us from ‘preaching’ to our brothers and sisters the love and salvation of Christ.

The theme of communion was also approached from a different angle by Friar Catalano who, bringing his experience of the General Chapter, emphasized the democratic characteristics of the Dominican way of governing: from the procedures for the election of the Master General to the life of the individual communities. In a democratic climate, one has not only the right but also the duty to speak, to “put one’s face to it”: to explain one’s ideas, to question oneself. He then dwelt on the primacy of the word and of being preachers: taking the floor to give the word; on the passion for the man that becomes a passion for the community dimension, lived not only as belonging to a community or province but to the whole Order.

In conclusion, these days have been a beautiful opportunity for communion and human and spiritual growth.

Sr. Martina Damiani, O.P.

USMID President

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