News from Rosary Sisters in Lebanon

The Hospital of the Rosary Sisters has suffered serious damage after the explosion in Beirut

Rosary Sisters Hospital is an NGO registered at the Lebanese government, ministry of interior. We are well known in the region to be a catholic humanitarian mission supervised by the Holy See.

The Hospital is a 200 beds general hospital with 160 employees and 140 physicians. The Hospital location is near the port of Beirut, less than 500 meters from where the explosion occurred on August 4. 

The devastation of the Hospital (200 beds) is so great to the extent that we are non-functional any more. We have lost one nurse and 10 injured, of whom are several of the sisters running the hospital. The damage is great and we are now in the process of creating a disaster committee the establish the plan of damage analysis and restart our mission again.

We estimate the cost of re-establishing our function again to be in the range of 15 million USD. We thank God for His providence which has saved many of the nursery staff. We thank you all, our Sisters on DSI, for your prayers, your fraternal support and solidarity, for giving us the opportunity to express our need for support in order to continue our humanitarian mission. 

In the unity of prayers.

Rosary Sisters in Lebanon

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