Sr. Mª Teresa López Aguilar
Santo Domingo Congregation

On March 16, 2020, I began to experience discomfort and abdominal pain that kept increasing. A doctor and a nurse from 061 took care of me at home but it was not possible to stay there because the pain was getting worse.

In the evening, an ambulance took me to Santa Ana de Motril hospital. I was alone with the paramedic who accompanied me to the emergency room because, given the situation related to the pandemic, no sister could accompany me.

When I arrived, I was in extreme pain despite the painkillers I had been given. I was treated very well and put under observation and then transferred to the ward where I was given check-ups. Three days later I was told that I was being sent home because of the pandemic, but this was not the case.

New information: they were to take me to Granada to the Vithas hospital where I stayed until 31 March, after which they transferred me to the San Cecilio hospital to do an ERCP. The operation was quick, and I barely noticed it. Blessed be God!

These few days were trying days for me, but I was wonderfully taken care of and I would like you to help me thank God and all the Social Security staff for their wonderful professional attitude, their care and love.

During this period, I only suffered from not being able to see my sisters because of the confinement. We communicated by telephone several times a day (and even more so with Sister Manuela and my nieces), as well as with the doctors and nurses who informed them.

It was 19 difficult days, but I offered them to the Lord. I took part in the Eucharist celebrated by the Holy Father through television and, with the Rosary, I felt at peace.

Finally, on April 3rd, these days of anguish and loneliness came to an end and I received the great news of my discharge from the hospital and the announcement that an ambulance was taking me home where the sisters were waiting for me.

What a joy, even if we could not hug each other!

I am completely convinced that God gives us a hundred to one.

I never get tired of giving him thanks every day.

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