Preparing for the 2025 Assembly: DSIC Think Tank

Over the past five years, the Coordinating Council have reflected on the sustainability of DSIC into the future, as well as its continued relevance for our lives as Apostolic Dominican Women in today’s world.

As a way of preparing for the Assembly in 2025, we decided to convene a Think Tank to assess the effectiveness of DSIC and its goals, activities and projects, structure and organization, and its sustainability into the future.

Meeting of the Think Tank on June 20, 2024.

This Think Tank is a group of 15 Sisters, including present and past Prioresses and several Sisters from among the membership of Congregations. They meet online, with a facilitator, for a limited number of meetings. The goal is for the group to develop suggestions/proposals for the Prioresses to consider before they come to Rome in May 2025 for the next DSIC Assembly.

More updates on the Think Tank will follow!

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