Ministry to the PWD (person with a disability) during the pandemic, Philippines

Sr. Ines Evangelista S. Manuel, OP

Our gathering and socialization were freeze. Programs offered to them by benefactors were cancelled. Following the protocol of the government on how to avoid being affected by corona virus.

But our merciful God had shown his mercy to everyone, even in this time of pandemic. For us and the persons with disabilities grateful to god for his loving presence through generous people continuously support our ministry here at Manibaug, Porac Pampanga.

Through Sr. May, op. and Sr. Vicky, op. whose ministry in Caloocan extends their presence and love for these people by sharing to the pwd’s the gift they received from generous people. Benefactors and other people whom we encountered sends their support through food packages and be distributed to their respective families.


At Holy Trinity compound Manibaug Porac.

A sustainable program for women, parents of the person with a disability (pwd) was greatly affected. Malls wherein the finished product distributed were closed. Long pants garments meant for male graduating students were not picked up. As of now, we are all praying that this pandemic will come to an end so we can go back to our normal activities, for the person with a disability (pwd’s) and sewing project.


God has given us more time to be with my self. To pray more, to be with him silently, opening to him my heart, my frustrations, the pain of seeing people who lost their means of living. Drivers particularly, people in the business world. Coming to the point of asking god, are you with us Lord, where are you? is this your will, why did you permit this to happen to us? so many people affected, financially, spiritually, morally. Yes, I came up to this point but in the end of my prayer, my love and trust for him was with him. Everything that happened is beyond my comprehension it his divine wisdom.

In everything that happened to us has his message. He has his own planned for me. Opportunities to fix things which I left undone or even taken for granted. Fixing my relationship with him, my companions, to the bigger community I belonged.

God is with us in this pandemic. His powerful presence was greatly felt in different ways. Yes, God can write even in a crooked line.  Physical distancing and other protocols were implemented. churches and other churches celebration, like Holy Eucharist, Holy Week, Easter, and other Church celebration were not allowed. Thanks to the modern technology. We were not deprived by this celebration through internet or live streaming program of the different Parishes.

“The Lord hears the cry of the poor” his loving presence through peoples’ goodness and kindness has been felt. sharing of their blessings to the needy evidently manifested. Thanks be to God we were made as to their instruments, we cooked food and distributed to the Military front liners, not just once, twice but many times, poorest of the poor in different barangays, a person with a disability (pwd’s) feeding to the children etc.

My blood sister was hospitalized in this pandemic time due to kidney failure and must undergo dialysis. So much pain in me that I was not at her side to comfort or console her. My prayer and complete trust were my only weapon and hang on in his Mercy and be with her in spirit.

Pandemic time is a time for me to learned and see what is essential and valuable. I learned to live more simply, I was able to contribute more time in household chores and enhanced my skills in sewing. Able to sew different style of bags through scraps and recycled materials and most especially in gardening. Plant fruit bearing trees in the backyard, backyard gardening for food consumption, and beautify our garden plants indoor and outdoor plants. To be one with our mother earth in healing our land.

Thanks be to god for this wonderful time, truly, in the story of creation he puts all things in right places. He is God of order. A God who started the world from chaos. At the end of this pandemic, a new beginning will come out and consider pandemic time is one of the beautiful things happened in life.


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