DSI has a light and flexible structure that facilitates Dominican engagement with the world and networking, solidarity, collaboration and information sharing among its member Congregations at the local, continental and international levels.

General Organization


International Coordinator

The International Coordinator, appointed for a term of six years, has the responsibility of transacting business on DSI’s behalf. She officially represents DSI, coordinates its management and convokes its triennial Assemblies and annual Coordinating Council Meetings.

Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council is composed of the International Coordinator, and the five Continental Coordinators appointed for a three year term. It is responsible for organizing and making decisions with regards to the implementation of the orientations and resolutions of triennial General Assemblies while providing general oversiht of the management of DSI.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the triennial international gathering of DSI members or their delegates that verifies the management of the Movement, deliberates upon pertinent issues and themes of interest while designing resolutions and orientations that enable the realisation of DSI's mission.

Continental Groupings

Continental groupings are gatherings of member congregations in their respective continents. The structure of these groupings are diverse but they have the common purpose of facilitating communication, sharing and collaboration among Dominican Sisters and other members of the Dominican Family while providing mutual support for their preaching mission. Examples of Such groupings are as follows: Africa - Dominican Sisters Africa (DSA), Asia Pacific -Dominican Sisters Asia Pacific Region, Europe – Dominican Sisters Europe (DSE), Groupement Fraternelle (French),Union of Dominican Sisters of Italy (USMID), Latin America & the Caribbean – Conferencia de Dominicas de Amèrica Latina y el Caribe (CODALC), United States of America - Dominican Sisters Conference (DSC), etc.