International Office of Justice & Peace

The international Office of Justice & Peace works with Cotinental Groupings and Congregations worldwide in implelmenting and coordinating DSI ‘s Assembly resolutions on matters relating to Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation. In collaboration with the Promoter for Justice & Peace of the Order, it promotes networking among members of the Dominican Family to affirm their integration of justice and peace in their respective missionary activities and to strengthen the Family’s preaching mission.


NGO to the United Nations (UN-NGO)

The UN-NGO is a project of Dominican Leadership Conference USA, that collaborates with DSI in its attempts to address social justice issues at the level of the United Nations.


Dominican Volunteers International (DVI)

DVI is a joint project of the Dominican Friars and Dominican Sisters International with the mission to promote and strengthen participation of all members of the Dominican Family (Nuns, Friars, Sisters and Laity) in a common project of outreach to prsons on the margins of society. It connects family members from all parts of the world in the collaborative endeavour of sharing the Dominican charism and mission with others through its volunteer programme.